Hawaiian Summer

Just got the Free People May 2011 catalogue in the mail. I think Free People clothes are best in the summer. They nail their staple bohemian chic looks. This catalogue was photographed in Hawaii and it’s got me daydreaming about the palm trees. I love the loose fitting, not so put together relaxed look. If only I could master those soft wavy beach curls. I hope Seattle gets an amazing summer, since we pretty much didn’t have spring. Man, I really wish I could be this chick chillin on a palm tree right now….

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Snake in the Grass

This week has been crazy and maybe my computer knew it. It wouldn’t let me login to my blog and I didn’t really have the time to figure out why. But hey I’m here now and that’s what counts, right? I managed to get in a  long overdue pedi finally and i thought these sandals deserved a date with my feet. I can’t remember the name of this OPI color, but it makes me wish I was on a Maui Beach, so I’ll call it Maui Pink. Fitting, no? Not a big fan of snakeskin, but the Chinese Laundry sandals were just too cute to pass up. Hopefully, Seattle will start to average higher than it’s one day of sun per week soon. Happy Friday Everyone~!

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Spring for a Day

I’m pretty convinced Seattle has decided to just skip spring this year. May is just around the corner and there were snow sightings yesterday, just crazy. So when we do have our over 60, sunny days like last Sunday, it’s pretty much like a national holiday. After my shoot was done, we were able to get out and have a picnic and a little walk in the park. Fond memories considering I am miserably sick at the moment with a cold that is definitely no picnic.

Dress Ross, Steve Madden wedges, rosary from Italy, fish chain street vendor in NYC

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It’s pretty B & W…

It’s been starting to get pretty busy with work, i hope i can keep the blog up. the encouragements definitely help ^^ I was inspired to do this shoot with the recent shoe purchase. When it comes to shopping I’ve been trying really hard to buy the things I love and need.  The “need” part is the one I’ve been trying to incorporate but it never really works. I often find that I am an impulse shopper, I fall in love with something and I buy  it on the spot without really thinking about how to incorporate them in my wardrobe. So I’ve been trying to give more  thought to how much “wearage” I will actually get out of an item. These shoes weren’t really on my list of things I need for spring but they wore so easy to wear and such a bargain I had to have them. They were banging $30 at Forever 21. Than I started to think how these shoes didn’t really go with anything I had and how many frivolous purchases I make with the excuse that it’s a “bargain.” They’ll probably just sit in my closet without ever being worn and even the beige color I began to think was a mistake So I came up with the shoot as a way to convince myself that my purchases are justified. haha. What can I say, I’m a shopaholic and I can’t be stopped. What kind of Shopper are you??

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Jefferey Cambell, my not so small town hero

Jefferey Campbell shoes are to die for. Especially this spring line up is ridiculous. I just love every pair. Unfortunately, I kill shoes the second I wear them and these would hurt the bank a bit. I have to give it some serious thought to pick my first pair that can endure my clutzamania. But get this, the other day, I just happened to be raving about Jefferey Campbell shoes with stylists at the salon I go to and I discovered that Jefferey Campbell actually lives right in my hometown. And apparently, the last time I was at the salon, I complimented his wife’s hair color. I actually freaked out a little. How crazy cool is that? And the stylist gets hooked up with shoes, what a dream! It just happens that this lookbook captured my thought, Jefferey Cambell you are my small town hero. If you would like to drool some more check out Jefferey Cambell’s website.

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Little Miss Sunshine

i don’t know what it is but i’ve just got this really moody bug in me that i haven’t been to shake off… but i couldn’t resist when the sun came out to play which has been rare in Seattle this time of the year.  So i decided to go for a walk in my new espadrilles… self portraits with no tripods was an interesting feat

on me: michael kors top, citizens shorts, dolce vita shoes, chanel necklace

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The only hope for me is you… Help Japan!

The devastation in Japan is beyond heartbreaking. Every day the news seems to worsen with the body counts on the rise and the threat of nuclear meltdowns on dangerously high alerts. This blog is normally a place of musing, but Japan is on my mind and I believe it should be on everyone’s mind. What is happening in Japan is being described as the nation’s  “worst crisis since World War II.” But it’s not enough to pay attention, it requires collective action on all of us because this is about our humanity. I hear a lot of people talking loosely about sending thoughts and prayers, which are great but I hope those thoughts and prayers are also followed with action. The best immediate action is to donate to organizations that are working in Japan. I know money is tight for everyone in our current economic state and trust me, I’m no baller but the strength is in our collective effort. Donate whatever you can, every bit helps. Please donate to any of the following 100% legit organizations.

1. Red Cross, 2. Global Giving, 3. Mercy Corps, 4. Save The Children, 5. Medical Teams International

For bloggers everywhere, I urge you to spread the word.

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