Snake in the Grass

This week has been crazy and maybe my computer knew it. It wouldn’t let me login to my blog and I didn’t really have the time to figure out why. But hey I’m here now and that’s what counts, right? I managed to get in a  long overdue pedi finally and i thought these sandals deserved a date with my feet. I can’t remember the name of this OPI color, but it makes me wish I was on a Maui Beach, so I’ll call it Maui Pink. Fitting, no? Not a big fan of snakeskin, but the Chinese Laundry sandals were just too cute to pass up. Hopefully, Seattle will start to average higher than it’s one day of sun per week soon. Happy Friday Everyone~!


About amuseinme

I'm a photographer by occupation, a working mama on the run. Married to the man of my dreams, who believes I can do anything. Recently I've discovered I may have a new calling, I want to be a comedian. Yup, world I'm putting it out there. Get Ready!
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10 Responses to Snake in the Grass

  1. mandy says:

    Wow! Ellen ❤ Perfect title and photo ^ x ^!! Of course, perfect pedi and sandals, too! It made me wish I could be picnicking there on the green green grass with you~*

  2. erin :) says:

    I loveee those shoes! I’ve been looking for summer shoes that I can wear with anything; those just might be it !! i like the bright green and pink goin’ on too.

    and I concur, ice cream date sometime! I shouldn’t be too busy after this weekend, but I guess now you’ll be more busy? : S

  3. Ria says:

    Aahhhh, i really like this pic! I like everything in it, your nail polish, the sandals, and the background. 🙂
    I got the shoes at a local store here in Indonesia, the brand is Misyelle. They always have good pieces. Especially bags and shoes.

  4. Nina says:

    I love your shoes and pedicure 🙂

  5. Diane says:

    Your computer knew you needed to go out and play in the sun! Great photo and cute shoes…the polish color was OPI’s Elephantastic Pink 🙂

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