Spring for a Day

I’m pretty convinced Seattle has decided to just skip spring this year. May is just around the corner and there were snow sightings yesterday, just crazy. So when we do have our over 60, sunny days like last Sunday, it’s pretty much like a national holiday. After my shoot was done, we were able to get out and have a picnic and a little walk in the park. Fond memories considering I am miserably sick at the moment with a cold that is definitely no picnic.

Dress Ross, Steve Madden wedges, rosary from Italy, fish chain street vendor in NYC


About amuseinme

I'm a photographer by occupation, a working mama on the run. Married to the man of my dreams, who believes I can do anything. Recently I've discovered I may have a new calling, I want to be a comedian. Yup, world I'm putting it out there. Get Ready!
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8 Responses to Spring for a Day

  1. Biggie says:

    the sun! The sea! Almost here too. I’m gonna do some windsurfing this weekend, before heading to China.

    Hope you get well soon.

    • amuseinme says:

      thanks biggie! windsurfing, eh? niice. i need to first master swimming -_- already looking forward to your stories from China, u crazy awesome writer 😀

  2. cece says:

    NIIICE~ Seattle? Love Seattle.
    Yeah, I’m in Korea, will be here until the fall. 😀

  3. Cassidy says:

    Oh darling! Your dress is wonderful. These photos make me want summer so badly!

    • amuseinme says:

      oh u have no idea how much i agree with your sentiment! the day that i post this blog, it was literally raining like crazy for the whole week. i usually don’t go for maxi dresses cuz of my shortness, but it was too pretty to pass up 😀

  4. This is simply gorgeous! Everything about these pictures are perfect, stunning dress, gorgeous location, and adorable dog. The time of day really gave you stunning light for the beach. Also, that dress looks like a watercolor painting, the colors are beautiful.

  5. erin :) says:

    lovvvving the colors of your dress! and that rosary is a great find. beautimous!

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