Fringe Weekend

I surprised my hubby with a mini getaway to a Suncadia Resort in eastern Washington. He works for a bank which meant 3 day weekend since he actually got to have President’s day off. I love these mini getaways, I feel like I can slow down time which always seems to slip by too fast. On our drive over he caught me up over one of his favorite tv shows, Fringe. I thought it was so boring in its first season, I let him have it as his own show to watch.ย  One of the more recent episodes caught my curiosity and of course when my hubby saw my interest, we had a fringe marathon conversation which pretty much got me all caught up. He laughed when I kept referring to Peter from the show as Pacey from Dawson’s creek. It also justย  happened that I thought wearing a fringe vest was appropriate outfit choice and I got to debut my red boots to go with it. I hope everybody remembers to take a little retreat to savor the precious moments.

p.s. the gift shop at the resort actually carried a selection of Mary Frances clutch purses. I was so tempted to buyย  the adorable pearl ball but I restrained myself. Talk about unexpected temptations.

on me: True Religion suede fringe leather vest, Citizens denim skirt, H&M floral top, MIA limited edition red boots, Chloe sunglasses


About amuseinme

I'm a photographer by occupation, a working mama on the run. Married to the man of my dreams, who believes I can do anything. Recently I've discovered I may have a new calling, I want to be a comedian. Yup, world I'm putting it out there. Get Ready!
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13 Responses to Fringe Weekend

  1. Diane says:

    LOVE the boots and totally digging the fringe trend right now. It’s so fun and I like the attention-grabbing movement it adds. Good thing Michelle and I chose the shorter version, else we’d be suede twins (too much!). Confession: I kept the purse ๐Ÿ™‚ No regrets though–I woke up the next day and decided it was amazing and I couldn’t live without it.

    • amuseinme says:

      Thanks Diane! Remember I told you I also bought the shorter version in light tan color. haha. no self control. I’m glad you love the purse. You’ll rock it out ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Diane says:

        Bleh, I have a terrible memory! They are both beautiful and unique vests, so I don’t blame you. haha…I guess we CAN be twins. It would be an honor ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Catherine says:

    beautiful outfit! I REALLY love your boots xx

    • amuseinme says:

      Thanks Catherine! I was obsessed with finding red boots for while and just when I had given up, found it at a little boutique in Seaside, Oregon. Perseverance ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for dropping by!

  3. thedevilguru says:

    thank you, I love your ear-rings and gosh tht clutch!!! it is so prettty do u have more pics of it??

    • amuseinme says:

      ugh~ I kno! I’m having serious regrets about not buying it. After I got home I was thinking about all the dresses I could pair up with the clutch. whhhhy!!! It was $210 but well made for sure. gaaah. saaddd.

  4. Some great pictures there!! Also looks like a great place for a mini getaway.

    • amuseinme says:

      It really is. Unfortunate thing was I forgot my swimsuit. They have this epic jacuzzi overlooking the mountains outside… although sitting in jacuzzis with random people kinda irks me. And I really wanted to go snow shoeing but there wasn’t enough snow. And right when we got back home, snow storms hit the area. I suppose it would have been a horrible drive back though, so all in all maybe it was for the best. haha

  5. Biggie says:

    beautiful pictures! Is it you or hubby taking them?

  6. ellenkaminagakura says:

    Lovelly clutch !! Just love it !!

    Thanks for the visit …. and If I could choose one of those Oscar dresses .. i would totally choose Sandra Bullock red dress from Vera Wang ! I agree with you .. I miss more glamour this year !!


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