Man of Style

I’ve heard from people often that i have “crazy” style. that i wear what they wouldn’t wear, but i’ve never thought about having a crazy style. Clothes excite me when there’s a uniqueness to them. That’s just how i’ve always been. and than i started thinking about what it means to have a style. For me, being stylish is when you have a presence with what you wear and you feel good in it. The last part would be that it has intent, how you present yourself and you own it. I actually thought of my guitar maestro David. He usually wears a cool t-shirt and jeans, and he has this cool laid back style. It is just who he is and I identify him with it. And his house perfectly embodies his style too. Love going over there and my eyes drift over all the awesome things. He wore my favorite of his converse pair. The drawn on lace, how cool is that? Also, he has the ultimate cat of style. Mr.Mustache. How perfect is his name? He probably would appreciate my enthusiasm for clothes being applied to my guitar practices. Right now, I’m working on Paolo Nutini’s Last request. One of my favorite songs and one that will probably take me foreverz to learn. But gotta start somewhere, right?


About amuseinme

I'm a photographer by occupation, a working mama on the run. Married to the man of my dreams, who believes I can do anything. Recently I've discovered I may have a new calling, I want to be a comedian. Yup, world I'm putting it out there. Get Ready!
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3 Responses to Man of Style

  1. mandy says:

    Ellen ^ x ^ ❤ This post totally made me smile and feel inspired!!
    I love Mr. Mustache ❤
    David's artistic sense (and Converses) are awesome!!

  2. amuseinme says:

    awww~ thanks mandy! it means a lot to me, you would feel inspired. made my day coming from a woman of style in Japan <3<3

  3. sofi says:

    He does have cool style. Cool photos overall, really. I absolutely love his tee shirt.

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