Let there be the holiday dresses!

love holiday parties. what better reason to dress it up?  especially when there is the red carpet photo booth 😉 Just a sampling of the photo booth fun. Worn to the party: my coveted black Lanvin dress from H&M, my favorite buckle high waisted belt Rough Roses, blue suede pumps from amiclubwear. hope everyone has fun with good company like i did this holiday season!


About amuseinme

I'm a photographer by occupation, a working mama on the run. Married to the man of my dreams, who believes I can do anything. Recently I've discovered I may have a new calling, I want to be a comedian. Yup, world I'm putting it out there. Get Ready!
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5 Responses to Let there be the holiday dresses!

  1. Billy says:

    Awesome, thanks Ellen for setting it up. I like the one where all the girls are smelling their hair pretending to be Arnie with the mustache and Mochi going “what the hell?”

    Who’s the guy in the t-shirt? he’s not dressed up?!

  2. amuseinme says:

    aww~ it was such a blast! Thank you for having us. U guys are the hostesses with the mostesses. and yes, we should have had penalty for the ‘non-dress uppers’ hahaha

  3. eva says:

    Ellen — thanks for setting this up, loved it! What better way to capture the holidays! …thanks for not putting up allllll the pictures of me testing the remote! =P

  4. annabel says:

    these are all so great! makes me want to buy holiday dresses…


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